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With me you will gain time and money

Which loan to choose? Which loan to opt for? What exactly do the provisions in the contract mean? Will the installment be exactly what I think it will be? With me you are sure that you will not overpay. All the offers I can offer are identical to those of the bank. It is the bank that pays me, not the customers.

Since I offer exactly the same thing, why use my services? Because I thoroughly screen all solutions, detect hidden loan costs and other "hooks".

Why opt in?

You will also save a great deal of time. It takes tens of minutes to visit a bank for a loan, and there are many banks. The analysis of offers is also very time-consuming for a person who does not deal with loans on a daily basis.With me you will gain time and money.

Mortgage loans

My services are free of charge. You don't risk anything, and I will help you choose the most favorable loan for you, so that you will spend much less money than if you trusted a bank advisor.


I explain everything thoroughly and make complicated provisions clear to clients. I am the one who takes care of the formalities - analyzing offers or filling out applications and forms.


I am an experienced financial advisor who has already been trusted by more than 350 clients. I enjoy an impeccable reputation and have more than a dozen years of financial related work.

Credit with me:

1 meeting with an advisor
Easy comparison of offers
Trusted financial advisor
Easy handling of paperwork
One-time credit check

Bank loan:

Many meetings at banks
Difficulties in comparing offers
Accidental advisor
Lots of paperwork to deal with
Multiple creditworthiness counts

Customer satisfaction is my priority

Check out the reviews of people who have used my services.

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