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John Kowalski, financial advisor

And I am a certified financial advisor. I help clients choose the most favorable solutions that allow them to save money and get rich. I work with individuals, as well as companies and farmers, selecting products dedicated to them accordingly.

I was a bank employee in the past and I know very well that a bank employee is a salesman who cares about the customer's decision to take a particular loan or a particular credit. You can't count on his objectivity and that he will inform about all the additional costs of the products.

I have been involved in finance for 12 years.


Help choose the best financial products and effectively manage the finances of anyone who needs it


A society where no one overpays for financial products and everyone consciously manages their wealth


Offering all available trusted solutions from trusted institutions on the market
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I provide


I match the offer of financial products to the needs of clients. I recommend only the best solutions.


I have years of work in the banking industry. I can recognize a good deal and am sensitive to all the "hooks"


I am mobile and willing to adapt to the client in terms of time and requirements.
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Get my consultation for FREE.

You can only gain.


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I will compare the offers of all banks / insurers free of charge
I will propose the most favorable financial solution

I will provide support at every stage of the loan application process

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Customer satisfaction is my priority

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